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The moment you feel the PPC runs in light-speed.

Welcome to "Be Lab." !!
Here's a web page to treat topics for BeOS and its programming... some day.

I'm sorry this page is now under construction, and there're no any useful contents except for a BeWare.
Would you like to wait for the making page ? I think it's not a long time.....


KEdit (v0.4.0)--last update 2001/07.17
Very simple and ordinary text editor. I'm not satisfied with StyleEdit which attached to BeOS PR, so I make a text editor for myself.

  1. Single font text editor.
  2. Setting can be changed in both every window and preferences.
  3. Set Word-wrap and Auto-indent function.
  4. Many shortcut keys are asigned.
  5. Can Undo and Redo, only once.
  6. Find and Replace function.
  7. Can drag and drop text files to the document window to paste themselves into.
  8. Can save settings of each documents.
  9. Add Emacs-like key assign.
  10. Add vi - like key assign.
  11. Correspond inline input of Japanese Kana-Kanji.
And some other features. If you want a text editor for writing Japanese in BeOS, it'll be able to help you.

KEdit (for PPC & x86)
(v0.4.0 -- 248.8KB)

Source Code (for PPC & x86)
(v0.4.0 -- 108.6KB)

ENQ about this
About the author...( in Japanese).